The initial round of receiving applications for support from young people leaving care under the project was successfully implemented.


After the encouraging start - for both the young people involved and the project team, we continue to actively accept applications from young people with the same conditions and the same types of support that they can receive through the project.


We have already supported 22 young people from Sofia, Pernik, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. It became clear that young people need support mostly to rent a home and sign up for various vocational and educational courses. Some of the young people were supported with treatment for addictions and medical procedures.


In the current situation in Bulgaria and the ongoing health, economic and social crisis, the conditions in the country are becoming increasingly unfavorable and difficult - especially for young people who are starting their independent lives. They need real support and we are ready to lend a hand to them at this crucial moment in their lives.


We invite and appeal to young people leaving care to apply for support (the current application process will be from September 21 to October 16) in the already announced main support directions:

  • Continuing education;

  • Sustainable employment;

  • Regular income;

  • Provided housing;

  • Good health and responsibility for your well-being.



The full application guidelines, as well as more information about the procedure, the service, the eligibility of candidates, the application procedure and the criteria for inclusion in the service can be found HERE .


We will be happy if you share so that we can reach more young people.




Процедурата за подбор на младежи за включване в социалната услуга "Подкрепа за самостоятелен живот" е вече отворена!

Кандидатите могат да подадат молба за подкрепа по Образец в срок до 22 юни 2020.

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